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We have more than 20-year-long experience in the field and are able to help you in the following scope of work:

  • Construction Designs
  • Statics
  • Other services

New buildings, building adaptations, additional floors and extensions of administration buildings, cultural centres, schools, hotels, residential buildings and/or one-family houses

Production halls for industry and agriculture, storage halls, foundations for machines and technological units

Public facilities, residential buildings and industrial structures, (investment grants of State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic, Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the Czech Republic, …).

Paved surfaces and car parks, refurbishment of housing estates, playgrounds, sports grounds, distribution networks, service connections, supporting walls.

Public facilities, residential buildings, industrial, agricultural and engineering structures.

Evaluation due to the reconstruction of existing buildings and/or upgrading of their present state – whether a static security solution is sufficient or a demolition is required.

In case of building-in new brickwork bathroom units or making new openings into supporting or stiffening walls.

Elaboration of implementation design documentation to serve as working drawings for producers of prefabricated structures.

We arrange official permissions for constructions (land use approval, land use decision, construction notification, building construction permit, structure removal permit, changes in utilization of an area) and standpoints of relevant authorities of state administration and owners of distribution networks.

Consultations with clients concerning the investment planning.

Pursuant to the Regulation No. 230/2012 of Collection of Laws, by which the details are given in order to specify the subject of a public contract for construction works and the scope of construction works, supplies and services, incl. the list of dimensions or areas.

PENB: for the permission of new buildings, for the sale of flats or buildings (since January 1st, 2013), for the approval of large-scale changes in finished buildings with a total floor space over 1,000 m2 (should the energy requirements be influenced), when a house or a building is rented (since January 1st, 2013), when a flat or an integral part of a building is rented (with effect from January 1st, 2016).

EA: should the public finance be used.

Elaboration of technical solution for a building, so that such a building would be in accordance with fire regulations; acquisition of a positive standpoint of a locally responsible fire brigade.

Authorhip Supervision – concerning the compliance with the design documentation during the construction and the solution of newly arisen technical problems that could not be expected during the elaboration of the project.

Technical supervision – expert supervision of constructions and monitoring of construction costs utilization.


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